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30 October 2011 @ 08:52 pm
[Advert] SuJu Fan Project!  
Hello E.L.F.s!

You all know that Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun were travelling through Europe and met some fans. We all were extremely happy to see how much they like Europe.

When we saw that Czech fans started a project of drawing fanarts and taking pictures of themselves to show Eunhyuk how thankful and happy they were that he visited Europe we were very touched, so we thought about something similar.

irethsingollo, kasayu, 1stepcl0ser and haebin would like to start a fanproject for EUROPEAN E.L.F.s.

"A Merry Christmas to Super Junior" ♥

First Part:
We would like to collect pictures of European E.L.F.s and use them for a photo-collage, which irethsingollo will turn into a fanvideo.

Take a picture of yourself - it can be just a simple picture of yourself (face only, whole body, however you like it), you can wear a selfmade shirt or an official Super Junior shirt, you can include a Super Junior fanart, a fanletter or whatever you can think of! Please also tell us where you're from, we might use the country for the fanvideo.

Please send your picture to europe_bel13ves@hotmail.com and write the following into the Subject line: "Part 1".

One picture per fan (or a group of fans)!

Second Part:
We would like to use a dreamwidth-account for the second part of the project, so that every European E.L.F. will have an own personal entry for Super Junior. The personal entry can include anything you can think of, like a picture of yourself, a fanart, a letter, a poem, a banner, graphics, anything. Be creative!

Since not everyone has a dreamwidth-account we decided that only kasayu1stepcl0ser and haebin will post every entry on dreamwith. We created an account where we will upload everything you will send to us.

Please send your contribution to europe_bel13ves@hotmail.com and write the following into the Subject line: "Part 2".

Fanletters or anything written will be accepted IN ENGLISH OR KOREAN ONLY. Otherwise we won't be able to check if the content is okay or not.

Of course it's up to you if you will take part in the whole project or only in one of the two parts, but we would be happy if as many people as possible would participate in both parts.

The deadline for the whole project is December 5th.

Anything that reaches us afterwards won't be able to be put into our project. We are very sorry, but we think 5 weeks is enough time for everyone to prepare something, and after the deadline the four of us will still have enough work to do.

In the end we want to upload the video clip with the pictures of European E.L.F.s on Youtube and send the links for said video plus the link for the dreamwidth collection to Super Junior’s Twitter accounts and to SM Entertainment, and maybe even to Sukira. Of course we will share both the video and the dreamwidth link here on LJ and some other pages, so that all of you can see the results.

Please feel free to talk to us if you have any ideas or questions. You can send everyone of us a personal message on Livejournal.

We hope that many European E.L.F.s will join this fanproject, to show how much Europe loves and supports everyone of Super Junior and that we are waiting for the hopefully upcoming concerts in Europe.

So, let’s start, ALRIGHT? :D

pimp it!

Please copy the following code and post it to your Livejournal, so that as many people as possible will find out about our project.

HTML Code:

Thank you!
haebin, irethsingollo, 1stepcl0ser, kasayu